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Why the end of summer barbqrub blues

Why do you have to say that your bar be cue days are winding down? Just because we are into the fall season that does not mean as the novice barbeque master that you have to cover up the grill and pack it away for the year.

Now is the hottest time of the year for those small portable grills for tailgating. You may even be one of the fans who has a large following at the games and need to bring your full size smokers or gas grill to the party. Just because the weather is cooling down does not mean you need to stop with your outdoor cooking.

Yes even at home you can still make some fabulous meals completely outside. You can prepare your bbq chicken, bbq rib, barbecue brisket,smoked turkey, and all your side dishes completely outdoors.

Now is when several crops are being harvested from corn to squash, soon it will be time for beans and pumpkins. the culinary world is ripe for you to plan that wonderful barbqrub party for your family and friends.

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You could plan a meal with a nice pork shoulder(butt). Bake some potatoes add some grilled squash and corn. Grill some bell peppers, tomatoes, onion some fresh herbs to create a salad. Make up a loaf or two of bread to also bake on the grill and top the whole thing off with some homemade ice cream.

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There is no reason that just because the weather changes that you can not still enjoy a nice barbqrub experience not only now but the whole year long.

Sometime what I like to do is create a potato salad just from what i can cook on the grill. Eight to ten medium potatoes cooked to not quite the softness of a regular baked potato. Grill up some bell peppers, onions, squash, chop all into about one and a half inch squares add a traditional salad dressing and have tater salad that was created straight from the items that you as the novice smoke-master create from the vegetables you truly enjoy.

So as the novice grill-er you can create your master pieces all year long whether you live in the North, South, East, West or any other place in the world.

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