Barbqrub, Gas verses Charcoal/Wood

Time for tailgating

Well football season is now upon us and its time to get our barbqrub tailgating experience ready for the season. We need to figure out which type and size grill we will need for our tailgate bar be cue?

Should we use charcoal or gas? Do we need big or small? These are the type of questions we need to be asking ourselves if we as the novice barbqrub grill-er want to provide the great tailgating experience for ourselves and our friends this football season.

EZ Grills 3 Piece Tailgate Pack Tailgate Size Grill - 4831

EZ Grills 3 Piece Tailgate Pack Tailgate Size Grill – 4831

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Do we want to show our team pride and have grills, tents, coolers and other grilling items that are related to our team spirit? If we do then we need to be searching the market now to be ready for our first tailgate experience. There are a variety of options available to us out here in the wonderful world of the web.

Once we have decided on the type of grill gas or charcoal then we can start planing our menus for the different games. Depending on the amount of timeĀ  you are going to devote to your tailgate party will help determine just what type of menu that you want to prepare. If it is only going to be a quick hour or maybe two then you will want foods that can be prepared quickly.

These could be items like burgers, hotdogs, brats, simple sliders, or even small steaks. Your sides would be items that you prepared ahead of time like macaroni salad, potato salad, three bean salad, baked beans or just simple chips to go along with your choice of meat.
If you are planning more of and all day experience then you might consider doing a brisket, ribs, or pork shoulders, or chicken. In this case you could prepare fresh grilled vegetables as a side or baked potato, or produce some appetizers that would be ready for munching on while you really prepare the grand tailgating meal, right down to a desert off the ole grill.

Looking back on the choice of grill gas is easier to use and cleanup for the tailgating experience. However if you have a parking spot you could well use charcoal and allow it to cool while your are watching the game. It really is your choice. When choosing your grill the other thing you have to consider is the space you have to store all the necessary tolls and supplies that you will need to accomplish your tailgating experience.

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The real advantage to the tailgating experience is cost if you fill-up before the game with items you have prepared then you wont feel the need to purchase the over-priced items inside the stadium. You can have your three or four beers before going in and that way depending on yourself can purchase either none or maybe one or two of the beers in the stadium. You already purchased your tickets you don’t need to go into debt to enjoy a good time with family or friends.

Blue Rhino Gas Grills Deluxe Tailgate Propane Gas Grill With Folding Cart

Blue Rhino Gas Grills Deluxe Tailgate Propane Gas Grill With Folding Cart

This Blue Rhino Gas Grill features porcelain coated steel construction, a locking lid for safety and ease of portability, folding cart with two side shelves, two 9000 BTUs burner, and push button ignition. This portable tailgate grill has a 294 sq inch cooking grid. For propane use only. Grill Dimensions (in inches): 46 W x 20 1/10 W x 34 7/10 H. Exterior Material: Stainless Steel Fuel Type: Propane Cabinet: Propane Weight: 34

If time is going to be a factor you could also prepare your entire tailgating experience before ever leaving you home. You could do a barbqrub butt or ribs and have them ready to go before you leave the house. Have your entire tailgate meal ready and all you have to bring are your beverages of choice.



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