The real question when it comes to barbqrub is should you develop your own or use someone else’s. My idea is it really depend on your own individual taste. In the case of using another grill master’s barbecue rub for ribs or rub for pork or any other rub is that it is the flavor that they have found pleasing to their palate.

The real advantage to using a already established barbqrub is that it has already been tried and tested. You as your own backyard grill master may desire to experiment with your very own combination of spices for a flavor that is unique to your own backyard grilling experience.

I personally have used both and sometimes have a internal battle as to which is better on a particular piece of meat. In the case of bbq chicken I like to create my own rub for what I call simple grilled chicken. Yet if I want to create a blacken chicken I use a blacken chicken spice mixture that is already been developed. If you were able to ask some of the top grill masters out here you would find out that each and everyone of them has their own unique way of preparing their meats.

This may include the spice combos they choose. To the method of cooking gas or coal or even the type of wood. In may cases the choice of a citrus based rub would be used in conjunction with a peach or apple wood to enhance the bountiful flavors of that particular grilling experience for that day.

The world of grilling for you the novice grill er is wide open like the grains of sand on the beach. What may not be pleasing to one grill er may be the cats meow to another. Developing or using another grill master’s rub is a personal choice. Yet the choice is for you as the novice grill master to decide.

It is much the same as going to a chilli cook-off and trying the many different flavors of chilli that the contestants supply. There is no wrong or right combo it is just what you prefer. So the big debate is going to be do I develop my own or do I try several different already developed barbqrub recipes.

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