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Holiday Barbqrub

Well it won’t be long and we will be getting ready to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday then on to Christmas and new years.

Have you ever thought about going away from the traditional cooked in the oven turkey? Why not spruce up your Holiday and do a smoked turkey instead.

Most people get up and do other stuff as the turkey is baking in the oven. You could inject your bird with some good delicious garlic marinade then follow up with a nice simple garlic rub and do the bar be cue smoke experience instead.

You can make your stuffing,vegetables and even your bread if you want all on the grill.Just don’t use the same grill you are smoking your turkey on for this process. You can impress your family and friend with a bar be cue Thanksgiving. It is also a nice way to give mama a break.

You get up early on Thanksgiving day fire up your smoker and depending on the size of your bird you can have a beautiful smoked turkey in six hours or more. In several ways doing a barbqrub Thanksgiving is reaching back into our history a bit and making your Thanksgiving similar to the original Thanksgiving feast.

The only thing you really need to make sure of is that you cook your bird and stuffing to a internal temp. of 165 degrees.

You could bake potato and grill corn,squash,eggplant and other vegetables. Even if you wanted gravy you can use your side-burner if you have one and smoke your turkey in one of the disposal tins.

You can even bake bread or deserts on the grill. It really depends on how creative you the grill-master wants to be.

A simple garlic marinade recipe is take 5 or 6 garlic cloves and using a garlic press squeeze into a bowl and 1 12 oz can of sprite mix with a whisk. Using a injector, inject the marinade under the skin of the turkey place in fridge for 2 to six hours. remove from fridge and rub with a garlic rub of granulated garlic,salt and fresh ground pepper. Then smoke on grill bring internal temp to 180 degrees checked with food thermometer stuck in inner thigh do not hit bone. 20 to 30 mins a pound no larger than a 12 pound bird is erecommended.

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