Gas verses Charcoal/Wood

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In our first blog we will discuss the use of charcoal and lighter to create our grilling method. Many novice grillers fail to take the proper amount of time to prepare their charcoal for grilling they spray on the lighter fluid then light it yet do not allow the fluid to burn off or the coals to become red and ready for cooking.

Sometimes you don”t think the coals are becoming ready fast enough and spray on more fluid. Without allowing the fluid to burn off and the coals to become ready you then receive a fluid taste to your bbq. You as the novice grillmaster can avoid this problem by allowing your self 20 to 30 minutes after light your charcoal for it to be ready.

Do not be afraid or ashamed to ask the other people grilling in your neighborhood or family for a little advice. Another common mistake with charcoal is placing to much on the grill thus creating a fire that is way to hot for what you are attempting to cook. To rid yourself of this problem only use enough charcoal to cover the surface you are going to be cooking on three deep. We  look forward to your comments and questions.  Barbqrub

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