Gas verses Charcoal/Wood

Gas verses Charcoal or wood

Gas or charcoal/ wood which in your opinion is better

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You as the novice grill er need to determine for yourself which way you will preforming your grilling tasks. Will you choose gas or charcoal/wood for your grilling needs. Are you just interested in getting your bar be cuing done quickly or are you more interested in creating flavorful bbq.

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There is a lot of talk among most grill masters as to which is better gas or charcoal. If you watch any competitive barbeque you will notice even those that use gas have a way of infusing their bbq with woodsmoke flavor. Most though just use a charcoal or wood-burning grill.

Gas is the more convenient way to prepare your bbq. However with the exception of the spices you use in your barbqrub or marinade you have no additional flavor profile. If you properly clean a gas grill the way it is recommend you have none of that residual flavor left from previous bbq. You can use wood chips to help entice the flavor with a gas grill you just need to have a place to keep the ash from the wood chips from entering the burners of your gas grill. this can be accomplished with a throw away foil pan or some grill er’s purchase a small cast iron pan to leave in their grills.

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Where as with charcoal you already have the ash from the coal so you need not worry about the ash from the wood you are using to create that nice woodsmoke flavor. The other thing with a charcoal grill is that it retains some of that residual flavor in the metal of the grill it self. Some of the natural oils from the meat and the smoke result in a small buildup in your grill that each time you use the grill you have a little of the residual flavor profile that has remained.

So the ultimate question you need to ask yourself is am I trying to produce the ultimate flavor or are you just interested in cooking a fast quality piece of meat. Whichever way you choose to cook your product on gas or charcoal you need not sacrifice on the taste that you are trying to accomplish.

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