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Barbqrub blacken rootbeer marinate for chicken

Welcome back to those of you who have visited the site before and hello to you new visitors.Today we are going to talk about root beer marinated blacken chicken. First you choose your chicken legs,thighs,breast,wings or whole chicken. Take the chicken wash and pat dry then take your blacken for chicken rub and under the skin rub the blacken. Place in a zip-lock bag or pot  if whole chicken add as many cans of root beer and 1/8 cup olive oil to cover and place in refrigerator for several hours(minimum of four hours). Drain and place on grill  at medium heat and sprinkle a little more of the blacken on each piece until done.

Barbq Blacken for Chicken (6oz and 8oz)


To add a little flare to your meal cook your patatoes and vegetables on the grill as well. You can make a wonderful side dish of patatoe chunks and onions by adding a little salt, pepper and butter wrap in foil and place on upper rack while cooking the chicken. Watch your chicken carefully and remove from direct heat if cooking to fast.

Get some fresh corn shuck it butter it down or wrap it with bacon. Cook either directly on grill or wrap it in foil turning occasionally . Grill some eggplant or other vegetable as a second side-dish. Then complete the meal by grilling some fresh peaches or pineapple rings to serve on a sponge cake with a little maple drizzle and whipped cream. The whole meal with the exception of the spongecake was prepared on your grill.


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