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Barbqrub baked beans

Well It has been awhile since my last post so I thought it was time to bring you all up to date. I have been quite busy making up a large inventory of rubs and selling them at my local Flea Market (St. Augustine Florida)

I would now like to high light one of my bbq sauces in homemade baked beans. First of you will need a package of white beans. You need to soak the beans overnight to let them soften and gain some moistness which cause the beans to swell.  The next day drain and rinse your beans add 6 to 8 cups of fresh water. Then bring to a boil in covered pot. Once the beans began to boil turn to low tilt lid and allow to cook until beans are soft. Now the real magic begins.

Drain your beans place in a baking dish  allow room for the bbq sauce to be added. During the time you have been waiting on your beans about a half hour before they are done usually beans will cook in 1 to2 hours fire up your grill or smoker. Try to control your temp between 225 and 250 degrees.

Once the grill or smoker is ready add 1 pint of barbqrub sauce (red sweet). Mix in well folding the beans as you stir to get them all coated with barbqrub sauce. Place on grill or smoker uncovered for 1 and a half hours. If you are using a smoker add your favorite wood  chunks or 1 log at this time you do not want to overwhelm the beans with to much of a smokey flavor. If you have a gas grill wrap your soaked wood chips in foil use a fork and poke several holes in the foil place on one of the burner heat shields you will get the same result.

During the cooking process about every 20 minutes to half hour stir your beans. After your hour and a half on the grill or smoker remove place on hot pad ,serve and enjoy.

Please if you try this recipe comment here on the website or on my Facebook business page.Thank you to all my followers and blog readers for taking the time to read and try the different  recipes that I try to share with all of you backyard grill masters.

Barbqrub (sweet red, spicy red, mustard and spicy mustard are not yet on the shop page. I will atleast try to add the name and prices for the different sizes early next week or possibly  tomorrow.


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