Bar BQ Rubs verses Marinades


In this blog we are going to discussĀ  barbqrub verses marinades. Typically rubs are of a dry nature however then can on occasion be wet. Where as typically marinades are wet.

The main thing is as the novice backyard smoke-master you need to decide which way you want to prepare what ever you are going to be preparing on the bar be cue grill. Depending on what you are preparing you will decide if a barbqrub or maybe a rib marinade or other marinade is the correct choice.

Dry rubs are usually more suited to the slow cooking style of smoking your barbeque. However you may choose this method when cooking steaks, chops or another type of meat. When you place you rub bar b que on your particular meat not to long after that you place your meat on the grill or smoker or maybe even habatchi. traditionally barbqrub is rubbed into the meat so that as you cook your entree the spices from your bbq rub are cooked into the meat or other product you are cooking.

Bar BQ Marinades Starts Bar BQ Rubs

Where as with a marinade you would normally mix all your spices with some type of liquid. You would then place your meat or other product you are going to cook into the marinade and allow it to ferment in the marinade for several hours or sometimes even days in your refrigerator.

You would probably choose this method for vegetable marinade or chicken marinade also for most of your seafood creations. If you choose to marinate a beef brisket then you would want to allow a couple of days for the meat to marinade in the beef marinade prior to applying a barbqrub in addition.

So Rub or Marinade?

The real question is whether you choose a barbeque rub or a marinade for the bbq. You as the novice backyard smoke-master have to figure out which is the wisest way for you to go.

Typically for pork shoulders or pork and beef ribs a dry barbqrub is the desired choice. However for vegetables and chicken a vegetable marinade or chicken marinade is the first choice.

If you have any thoughts ideas or resources that will help with our discussion on the topic of marinades verses rubs for bbq please comment.


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