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Affordable Gift Ideas for Dad’s Birthday

It’s that time of year again – Dad’s Birthday! Between celebrating a holiday, birthday, and Father’s Day each year for dad, it’s not uncommon to run out of gift ideas. Chances are that in years past you’ve already bought the dinner reservation, the shirt, the tie, the CD, and the book. It’s time for a new gift idea!

If your dad celebrates a spring or summer birthday, we’ve got some great (and affordable) ideas here at Bar-BQ-Rub. Not to mention these are functional items for the entire family to enjoy. They encourage time well spent with one another, and eating!

  • How about a new grill? This is a big ticket item but if you have siblings, or Mom would like to pitch in on a gift with you this year, this is a GREAT idea! What dad wouldn’t love a brand new grill? If your dad already has a gas grill, you could consider purchasing a smoker or a charcoal grill so that he can mix it up every now and then, and still utilize the gas grill on a more frequent basis.
  • Handmade “Flavor Baskets.” If your family is like ours, you can never have too many flavors in your life! This gift is simple, inexpensive, and thoughtful: Find a new or recycled basket and fill it up with new marinades and rubs. Dad will love this creative combination.
  • A new grilling accessory. Think outside of the box! There are plenty of grilling accessories outside of the standard grill brush and pair of tongs. Today, you can buy products especially perfect for making pizzas on the grill and other unique meals that are delicious when cooked over a grill’s hot flames! When shopping for grilling accessories, the options are endless!

Need some more ideas? Visit our online store – there’s sure to be something that you haven’t got dad yet! And, he’s sure to love it! All items ship within just a few days, but don’t forget to allocate extra time around the holidays; business is usually busier than usual.

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