This is about barbqrub and marinade for the novice backyard smoke master/ griller You will share and discuss different rubs and marinades for a diverse selection of meats, vegetables, and seafood. You will have rub for barbeque chicken, barbecue pork, bbq beef, steaks, seafood bbq, and vegetable bbq and much more.

You will share insights  on gas verses wood or charcoal to enhance the flavor of the meats or other items you are cooking on the barbie. You will be reaching out to the guy or gal that enjoys providing good bbq for their family and neighbors.

I my self am just a Lover of the grill that enjoys experimenting with various spices to create unique rubs and marinades for a large diverse menu of meats, vegetables and sea food that can be prepared on the grill or smoker.

I have been Creating unique spice combinations for several years and have been complimented by family and friends on the unique flavor of my rub as well as bbq sauce and marinades. We are a start-up business that is just trying to fill a need for the guy or gal who does not want to compete but just make good cue.

Right now in the spring thru the summer months is the hottest time of the year for grillers. The advantage we have is we are not a big name retailer or a competitive smoke master. We just what to enhance the everyday common Joe’s or Jane’s grilling and smoking experience.