Grilling sidedishes

Grilling sidedishes

Weber’s On the Grill: Steak & Sides: Weber’s On the Grill: Steak & Sides Well...

Chicken Bar bq

Chicken Bar bq

In this blog we are going to discuss recipes for bar bq chicken. Is it better to use...

Welcome to BarBQRub!

Thank you for visiting Barbqrub’s site. We are trying to establish a place where the average Joe or Jane griller can receive valuable advice on barbqrub, and marinade for various items to be bbq. From the steak to the exotic meat or vegetable.

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Examples include barbeque chicken reciepe, bar b que ribs recipe, bbq vegetables, bbq pork rub, or even bbq pizza or bbq venison, elk, rabbit or any other item you would wish to barbeque. We will provide a blog to discuss the different ways to cook your favorites. We hope to do this by helping you create unique BBQ flavors to ensure that you are able to please any of your family and friends palates when you are being the master smoker/grill er in your own backyard Barbeque haven.

With the added confidence you will receive we hope to make you the talk of your family friends and neighborhood. You will be come the King of cue for all these people in your small section of the world. By developing your own unique bar bq ribs, pork rubs,bbq rubs,or just any bar bq rub.

We will do this by providing various spices to create your rubs, marinades, you will be given suggestions of types of wood or charcoal and even how to create that backyard smoker on your gas grill.

You will be provided different recipes for rubs, marinades and sauces to go with your backyard barbeque. So now is the time to unite with other average Joe and Jane smoke-masters and create your own unique barbeque style and taste.

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July 18, 2013

Welcome back to those of you who have visited the site before and hello to you new visitors.Today...

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July 17, 2013

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